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Wedding Flan

Why is this page even here? Flan for weddings is quite possibly the worst idea we have ever heard of. Can you imagine getting that stuff all over your gown? Why would you want to disappoint all your guests who were looking forward to seeing a beautiful wedding cake?

Have a look at some of these photos. Twenty years later, when you are looking at your wedding album, which would you rather see — a beautiful, elegant wedding cake or a plate of gooey flan?

A wedding cake provides some opportunities for your guests that flan does not. When you and your groom are cutting the cake, everyone will be snapping photos. The cake tasting ceremony is an important part of your reception, a ceremony that all wedding guests look forward to. The cake is usually the most memorable part of a reception. How many wedding receptions have you been to? What do you remember? The table settings? The food? Uncle Wilbur falling into the swimming pool? (Maybe). You remember the cake.

Admittedly, if you served flan instead of a beautiful wedding cake, everyone would remember it, but for all the wrong reasons. If you are a flan fanatic (like us) and want to make flan a part of your wedding, why not serve it at the rehearsal dinner?

The wedding cake is certainly much more than merely dessert or the centerpiece for your reception. Remember, the reception is the opportunity for the bride to show off her skills as a hostess to her new family and to their friends. Your personally designed wedding cake makes a statement to your new husband and his family about your taste. Choose a good tasting cake and it also makes a statement about your skills as a hostess. In addition, the wedding cake demonstrates that you honor tradition. Think about this--the wedding cake is even a photoprop. When you and your groom are cutting the cake, everyone is snapping photos. Long after the cake is gone (but hopefully not forgotten) you will have the photos, and the photos are forever. Have a look at Wedding Hair Styles For You, which has nothing to do with anything on this page, but is a really cool website!

My wedding hair jewelry, a website for wedding hair jewelry that can be used on a wedding cake. Most of the incredibly artistic and intricate cakes you see in wedding magazines range from 12-15 dollars a serving (you will always find the price in the fine print at the bottom of the page). A cake for 150 people cost about $2000.00. Does this sound expensive to you? Well, just think: In the grand scheme of things, the wedding cake is the least expensive thing at your reception. It only takes a few hundred dollars more to do the very best cake, whereas the best gown or the best flowers or the best catering will actually cost thousands of dollars more. So if you're on a budget, the first thing to consider spending a little more on is, that's right, the cake. Remember that every wedding guest looks forward to the cake. We all know that taste and smell are the strongest memories. Long after your centerpieces and everything else is forgotten, your guests will remember the cake!

Choose the cake topper wisely. The modern bride often decorates her cake with a tiara on top or with bridal jewelry. Check out Wedding Cake Tiaras If your cake is to be placed in the center of the room and will be viewed from all sides, a round tiara may work better. A half-round or crescent tiara will work well if one side is covered with flowers. Be sure to avoid the cheap costume rhinestone tiaras sold by many companies. They may not last until your wedding day! The best tiaras for your cake are available at Princess Bride Tiaras.

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