History of Flan

Meson Alvarez in Jalapa, Mexico

This picturesque hotel is one of the most delightful little places we've ever stayed. Shown at left, above and below the place just radiates old world colonial charm. It's worth making the trip just to sample the flan!

Boca del Rio in Veracruz City, Mexico

This family-owned business in the old section of the city had my favorite flan, shown at right.

Villa Rica in Veracruz City, Mexico

The Villa Rica has some of the best seafood in Veracruz. The dessert selection is better than most restaurants.

We tried three different types of flan: Coconut, vanilla, and plain. They were all excellent.

La Casona in Jalapa, Mexico

La Casona has live music most evenings and unremarkable flan. I think it was flan. They said it was.

La Casona flan.

Zamas in Tulum, Mexico

Very good flan. Wonderful beach view from the open air restaurant in Tulum. "Zamas" is the old Mayan name for "Tulum."

Om Restaurant in Tulum

The Om Restaurant had a nice presentation, but somewhat unremarkable flan.

Spanish Language School in Veracruz, Mexico

At the Veracruz Spanish School we not only learned Spanish in a total immersion environment, we learned to make flan as well!

Spanish School Flan

Serving flan to one of the language teachers, who greeted our cooking efforts with enthusiasm. We think.

La Naval Restaurant in Jalapa, Mexico

Flan accompanied by dancers and musicians performing the Musica del Son, the oldest traditional music form of Mexico.

La Naval Flan

We thought this flan was more than adequate, although we may have been prejudiced by the wonderful atmosphere and the incredible hospitality of the patrons and servers at La Naval

Tony's Ristaurante on Lake Chapala (Carreterra Chapala-Ajijic, San Antonio, Central Mexico)

Bob and his daughter enjoy the very interesting flan at Tony's restaurant near Ajijic, Mexico.

Tony's Flan

Most of the restaurants in the area of Guadalajara didn't offer flan. We never found out why it wasn't so popular in this area. Tony's flan was definitely worth trying. I liked the air bubbles and the consistency. It had less of the carmalized sugar taste, so we could only rate it about an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

El Meson in Dayton Ohio

This Flan had excellent taste but was a little too firm. I suspect they put cornstarch or something to stiffen it. I prefer a smoother consistency, but it was still better than most Flan found in Ohio. I would give it an 8 out of 10. The restaurant, El Meson, is famous in the Dayton area for incredibly good Peruvian, Spanish, and Mexican dishes.

Myra's Dionysus in Clifton, Cincinnati Ohio

Myra's offers both coconut and vanilla flan. The vanilla flan was much too stiff and I suspected that a thickening agent had been added. The waitress confirmed that carrageenan from seaweed was used to thicken the mixture. The taste wasn't bad, but the coconut flan was much creamier and the texture was smoother. I would give the coconut an 8 out of 10 and the vanilla a 5 out of 10.

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