Here is a list of websites that we suggest for interesting content, graphics, and overall usefullness in planning your wedding and your home, and your hobbies (including traveling to sample flan).

  • Princess Bride Tiaras the oldest and best site on the internet for bridal accessories, including tiaras, wedding veils, bridal jewelry, gloves, handbags, bridal capes, shawls, and cake toppers. The pleasant and helpful staff consists of bridal consultants who assist the bride in the selection of a tiara, veil, cape, or bridal jewelery, via prompt and courteous email. This website may be single-handedly responsible for reviving the tiara on this planet. The sheer number and quality of tiaras is absolutely amazing. If you consider that your wedding tiara will be a keepsake to be handed down to your children's children, then this is the website for you!
  • European Bridal Your source for better designer bridal gowns at surprisingly affordable prices. This shop has won dozens of awards, including Best of Cincinnati from no less than Vogue magazine. A shopping destination for brides all over the U.S. Once again European Bridal sweeps all the awards, not only locally, but nationally, for brial shops. Year after year, this wedding salon wins every award out there! Find out why!
  • Cincinnati Brides A comprehensive list of award-winning bridal businesses located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is a wedding shopping destination for brides all over the U.S.
  • Tiaras, a pictorial history of the tiara. Tiaras "Do's and Dont's". Tiaras in Art, History, and Film. This site is a lot of fun!
  • Columbus Bridal A resource for brides in Columbus, Ohio, including some unusual tips for brides and grooms. Much of the information on this website comes from wedding planners and bridal consultants.
  • Lexington Bridal A resource for brides in Lexington, Kentucky. One of the nation's most exciting bridal districts is documented on this site. A highly readable resource--not too many links!
  • Louisville Bridal A wonderful bridal gown resource for brides in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville brides rely on content-rich websites like this one. Too many websites are nothing but links to other sites that are nothing but--well, you know.
  • Indianapolis Bridal A great resource for brides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Brides in Indianapolis often travel to Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati in their search for the perfect gown.
  • Dayton Bridal A terrific resource for brides in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton is less than an hour drive from the largest bridal district in the world, the famous Reading Bridal District, which house the even more famous European Bridal. There are more than 32 bridal shops on one street. This street is a destination for brides from all over the world.
  • Veracruz Spanish A total immersion Spanish language school in Veracruz Mexico. We spent a month at the school and found that it was one of our best vacations ever! A real adventure with learning skills attached!
  • The Wedding Cloak A beautiful website with advice about wedding cloaks for brides. When do you need a wedding cape? For those cold winter weddings? Or just to impress the heck out of your guests. These wedding capes are made from the fines materials, sewn and lined just like a quality garment, not like a costume cape. This is a cape you will wear again and again!

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