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We love to travel the world and sample Flan in remote restaurants in exotic places. It's a difficult and dangerous job, but someone has to do it!
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After traveling the globe, here's where we discovered the greatest flan in the known Universe. It's worth a visit just to sample the flan!

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Whoever said: "There is no difference between good and bad flan" must be living in a different Universe. Or maybe their taste buds were destroyed by chain smoking. In our travels, we have discovered every type of flan imaginable -- flan that transported us and flan that left us wondering just exactly what we were eating!


“My family is from Cuba and the authentic Cuban Flan uses coconut.”
“My family is from Cuba and the authentic Cuban Flan never uses coconut or chocolate.”

Judging Flan

It turns out that sampling flan can be as difficult complex as sampling fine wine. We asked the world’s top pastry chefs what they looked for in flan and got as many different answers as we would get at a California wine festival. Nonetheless, here are some of the criteria:

  • Does the taste live up to the appearance? Presentation on the plate is important, but Flan that looks heavenly but doesn't deliver the taste is always a disappointment. On the other hand, flan with a modest, simple appearance that tastes wonderful is always a welcome surprise!
  • The use of top-quality ingredients was cited by all the chefs we interviewed. Observe the taste and texture of the flan. As the flan dissolves in your mouth and coats the tongue, the complex flavors of rich, creamery ingredients release an intense flavor and aroma which enhances the pleasure. The number of flavor compounds in good flan is comparable to those found in red wine. All-natural flan is rich, smooth and complex. Flan made with additives like cornstarch and other thickening agents leaves an unpleasant flavor in your mouth.
  • In a flavored flan, notice how well balanced the flavors are. Some flavors just don’t work well together, like chocolate and pistachio. Others enhance each other, but none of the flavors should overpower the taste and texture of the basic egg custard.
  • Adding an extra egg will guarantee a good solid texture. Too much cream will make flan watery. But too many eggs makes the flan too eggy tasting, more like an egg custard than a flan. The balance between eggs, sugar, and other ingredients is all-important!
  • Be wary of getting flan all over your wedding dress. Check our page on Wedding Flan, and get some tips on the absolute best way to handle flan at your wedding.

    Difference between Flan, Créme Caramel, and Créme Brûlée


    Flan is made with sugar that caramelizes while you poach it, Créme Caramel is not. Créme Brûlée, is an egg custard with a hard caramel top. It is somewhat eggier than a true flan. The hard caramel is often obtained by sprinkling sugar on the top and melting it with a torch. There are also some cultural differences. Many Americans call Créme Caramel a Flan. On this website, we will try to be as discriminating as possible, pointing out both cultural and cooking differences.

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